Construction Advisory Services

During the conceptual and planning stages of a project many owners, developers and designers are often unaware of the impact that the construction process can have on a project. If 'constructability' issues are not properly addressed early in the process .it can result in a project with an unacceptably high degree of changes, disputes, claims, delays and cost overruns.

Understanding and addressing constructability is important for all projects but particularly so for complex, multi phased projects requiring continued occupancy and occupant moves during the construction phase.

Remcor's extensive experience in the construction industry, specifically with the planning and delivery of complex projects, positions us well to provide our clients with expert construction advice as to how to best to optimize design, cost and schedule considerations and minimize exposure to potential problems during construction.

Our approach includes a detailed review, analysis and assessment of;

Construction Advisory Services

During the process we work closely with the client and their team to ensure that the project can be constructed in the most cost and schedule effective manner and that the desired design, cost and schedule expectations are realistic and achievable.

Our approach benefits the project in several ways most importantly by reducing overall project cost and schedule duration. It will also minimize exposure to delays, changes, disputes and claims and will make for easier project administration.