About Us

Whether you are an owner, developer, contractor, designer or Investor contemplating a new project or involved in an ongoing project and need some help getting or keeping it moving, Remcor can provide the expertise, leadership and assistance you need.

Remcor provides a broad range of specialized management, consulting and advisory services related to the planning, development, procurement and delivery of capital projects across Canada. Remcor offers the best Project Management Consulting Services in Canada with a broad range of specialized management and consulting services which makes Remcor the top Project Management Companies in Canada.

Remcor brings to the table over 30 years experience in the construction and related industries encompassing a wide variety project types completed under both traditional and Public Private Partnership (P3) delivery models.

Our service delivery model begins at the project concept stage and extends through the planning, preconstruction, procurement and construction stages to project completion.

Remcor offers a unique blend of large company breadth of experience and expertise coupled with the versatility, flexibility and personal attention of a smaller enterprise.

We understand that undertaking a capital project exposes organizations to both risk and opportunity. Our focus is on identifying and effectively managing project risk and maximizing opportunity for our clients.

Remcor offers professional, practical and cost effective solutions focused on protecting our client's interests and maximizing the value of their investment.